我们自我传递的广度, 端到端项目澳博官方网站, and our experience across a broad set of industries and businesses, enables us to provide deep 科技nical expertise and high quality 交付 in a compliant manner. Our customers in both the private and public sectors trust us to get the job done without fuss or friction.








Our latest brochure details how Mitie’s experts and unrivalled product offering can support your organisation to return to the 工作场所 safely, productively and efficiently and will guide you step-by-step in the return to work with our extensive Mitie COVID-19 assured checklists.

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经验丰富的总承包商, we manage and deliver a wide range of 建设 and refit work for our customers, 正好穿过广告, 零售, 工业, 社会和国内房地产部门. Our in-house capabilities and specialist services include consultancy, 设计, 建设, 交付, 保证管理, 项目管理和风险管理.


Our range of project building services include project 设计, 机械与电气, 照明, 消防, 空调和可再生能源, 绘画, 屋面和织物.

At Mitie we have extensive project 设计 experience. Our skilled 设计ers draw upon a combination of 科技nical and commercial experience, as well state-of-the-art 3D digital models of your building, to help identify any critical issues with your project before work begins. As a result, we can save you both time and money on project implementation.


  • 量身定制的设计方案
  • Full coordination, including the use of 3D modelling/BIM/REVIT
  • 详细的调查
  • 低碳设计
  • 建筑日志的制作
  • 能源审计
  • Energy monitoring and production of asset registers

At Mitie we can provide a full turnkey 机械与电气 solution, from the initial feasibility and planning through to 建设 and handover.

Our 机械与电气 services make buildings more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. 不管是办公楼, 学校, 或者零售店, we can deliver a wide range of services to suit specific needs.

Our 机械与电气 services include:

  • Fully commissioned BIM compliant 设计, with inhouse 设计 team
  • Qualified, direct labour force with established 供应 chain
  • Option of using Mitie as a principal contractor or subcontractor



We are a market leader in delivering innovative 照明, installation and maintenance solutions for a variety of sectors, 包括零售, 健康, 教育与休闲. Our services include all forms of 照明 projects ranging from LED 照明 refits, 照明设计, 电气安装, 保修管理与维护.


  • 创新照明技术
  • 照明控制系统交付/适用性
  • 正确的勒克斯水平和色彩呈现
  • 提高能源效率和降低成本
  • 详细的报告
  • 应急照明设计与安装
  • 保证管理


We are one of the 行业’s leading specialist passive 消防 contractors. 我们可以设计, install and maintain systems and services that include penetration seals, 防火和隔音组合密封, large fire-rated barriers and structural 消防.

Our comprehensive service combines an in-depth knowledge of fire safety and building regulations with an understanding of potential 科技nology solutions. The result is a system or service precisely tailored to your needs, offering exceptional quality and effective sustainability, 价格都很诱人.

Our passive 消防 services and systems include:

  • 管理及维修系统
  • 结构防火
  • 标准防火分隔
  • 隔音和防火密封
  • 标准防火管道
  • 专业保温
  • 碳氢化合物防火



我们提供设计, 供应, installation and maintenance of 空调和可再生能源 systems for commercial, 工业, 零售及住宅楼宇. Our renewables offer includes all types of renewable 科技nologies, 包括风力涡轮机, 热泵或光伏板.

We can provide fully-costed and evaluated solutions to help you achieve 能源 security.

Our air conditioning and 能源 services include:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) installation, service and maintenance
  • Air conditioning and heat pump installation, service and maintenance
  • R22替代
  • 免费冷却技术
  • Refrigeration installation, service and maintenance
  • 碳氢化合物训练有素的工程师



We’re the largest 绘画 and fabric works contractor in the UK, with a skilled workforce and local branches nationwide. That means we’re uniquely placed to offer you a full range of 绘画, 装饰和织物修补澳博官方网站. We have experience across all sectors, from 健康 and education, to housing, leisure and 零售.

我们的商业装饰师可以轻松规划, organise and manage an entire commercial 绘画 project or property portfolio, leaving you free to concentrate on the rest of your business.


  • 周期性和有计划的绘画课程
  • 内部和外部油漆制度
  • 油漆前修补(细木工工程)
  • Industrial coating and hygienic coating systems
  • 防火涂料系统(O级)
  • 墙纸和专业墙纸
  • 遗产和历史建筑装饰
  • 天花板涂料翻新
  • 停车场线条漆
  • Building clean, gutter clean and replace Refurbishment or upgrade projects and void works
  • 破损的项目
  • 结构设计工作, including tarmac, land drains, helibar works and roofing



我们的面料能力包括翻新, regeneration projects and major capital improvement works. The range of services provided includes building conversion/refurbishment, 绘画和装饰, 专业涂料.

Our fit-out and refurbishment services are focused on enhancing and refreshing property portfolios to satisfy current market trends and customer requirements. This diverse range of services ensures that our clients receive the most comprehensive coordination, 从头到尾.


  • 室内装潢
  • 外部和内部的重新装修和维修
  • 门窗更换
  • 结构设计工作
  • Environmental improvements and disabled adaptations



An integrated approach to projects in the public and private sector.








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